About Me

Hey there!! I’m Carly… and I’m not a minimalist.

Not naturally, anyway. It’s like forcing a square peg into a round hole, adapting my cluttered crazy life into something simpler, slower, more intentional.

Moderate Minimalist was born out of my commitment to living with less in order to live more. Over the last several years, I’ve effectively downsized my family’s belongings by 50-70%… I mean, I didn’t weigh it or anything… but we are living with a lot less. However, being a natural collector and having three children that seem to share this proclivity for thing-keeping has resulted in a home that’s continually in a state of flux. One day, I’ll be breathing the satisfied sighs of a balanced home and life… the next, I’m hyperventilating in the fetal position among the Legos and books and clothes…

It’s a constant struggle. And that’s what Moderate Minimalist (this blog) is all about. Full-blown minimalism is simply not realistic for my family, nor is it something I feel compelled to reach for. The idea of a simpler, slower life, though? Minimalism in moderation? THAT is what my heart is drawn to, in more areas than just my material possessions.

So, what is Moderate Minimalism?

Now… I haven’t read an “official” definition, but this is what “moderate minimalism” looks like to me, in all the important areas of my life:

  • HOME – Simple, organized, easy to maintain; belongings that are practical and loved
  • HEALTH – Whole, simple eating and gentle fitness routines that result in overall physical and mental wellness
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS – A focus on togetherness, experiences and memory making
  • FINANCES – Debt-free, intentional use of every dollar
  • TIME – Living intentionally, using time wisely

I am not there yet… not even close. But, every day I’m striving to not only embrace the perfectly imperfect life I’m living but to also work toward the moderate minimalism I’m so drawn to. I believe firmly that if you can’t stop thinking about something… there’s a reason, you need to listen to that. Moderate minimalism is that voice that won’t shut up in my head, telling me to live more intentionally in every facet of my life – living more with less. Less junk, fewer bad habits, less time wasted, less debt… that’s the road I’m on.

I’m here to share my journey with you, and if possible, to help you achieve moderate minimalism, too!

Let’s do this together.